Caleb Lee Jenkins


"Who the hell are you?"

Yeah that's totally fair, I get that a lot. Well I am an actor and Theatre Practitioner from Kansas City Kansas (now Chicago based), and I am so excited that you are here on this site right now. 

I graduated from Chapman University with a BFA in Theatre Performance, and have a particular affinity for troubled protagonists and anything written by Shakespeare (especially if you're looking for Prince Hal or Henry V) 


I hope we get to meet in person soon! 


Canopy Theatre Collective

Recreate. Reconnect. Reimagine.

Canopy Theatre Collective (or CTC) has been the passion project of my business partner Justin Smith and I. It is our dream to bring life to a theatre company that challenges the status quo of theatre in America, which largely focuses on ticket sales instead of touching and supporting the people in it's community. 


We aim to bring inspiring and thought provoking work to the Chicago area through a variety of styles of performance, and are always looking for passionate likeminded collaborators. Contact me if you want to know what we are all about!  


 Can't wait to hear from you! 

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